Lumangwe Falls

    Situated on the Kalungwishin river on the boarder of Kawambwa and Mporokoso districts though in mporokoso district of northern province of Zambia, its about 10 Kilometres site from main road of Mporokoso - Kawambwa road about 84 kilometres from Mporokoso district. The exact geographic location is latitude 9 degrees 31 minutes and longitude 29 degrees 22 minutes east. It covers a total area of 65 hectares.

    Ntumbacushi Falls

  • Ntumbacushi falls is located in kawambwa district and it is a kilometer off the Kawambwa- Mbereshi road and 17 km from Kawambwa town. Ntumba means mountain. Cushi means mist or smoke from the falling curtains of water. The waterfalls is on Muchinga escarpment in Ng'ona River.

    Kabwelume Waterfalls

  • Kabwelume waterfalls is found on the Kalungwishi river is Kabwelume water falls 5 kilometres from Lumangwe falls. The name is derived from male hard rock, it is 25 metres deep and over 100 metres wide.

    Mumbuluma Waterfalls

  • Mumbuluma waterfalls is a place in Mansa where you can find a two (2) drop waterfalls. It is called or popularly named Mumbuluma falls because of its famous sound of nature that is always produced from the curtain of water as the water falls down, at a drop of 9.3 metres high while the width of 30 metres. The second curtain has the height similarly to that of the first only that the width there is different, it's about 44 metres wide and poses a natural pool local for swimming to the people at the site. Mumbuluma means, the natural sound from the roaring waters.

    Mumbotuta Waterfalls

  • Mumbotuta means the "water that thunders". The falls is situated at the confluence of Mumbotuta streams and Luapula River 44km from Milenge Boma, 77km Kasanka Turn Off on Samfya - Mukando Road. Mumbotuta falls is an ideal site for camping, retreats and water games such as surfing.

    Kundabwika Waterfalls

  • A natural untempered waterfalls situated on the Kalungwishi river 98km from Nchelenge boma off Mununga - Kaputa road on the border of Nchelenge and Kaputa district in northern province.

    Chilongo Waterfalls

  • Chilongo falls is situated in north east of Kawambwa off Kawambwa - Luwingu road via Mushota. The falls is on Lufubu River in chief Chama's area, about 85km from Kawambwa boma.

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