Lumangwe Waterfalls

About Lumangwe


Situated on the Kalungwishi River on the boarder of Kawambwa and Mporokoso districts though in Mporokoso district of Northern Province of Zambia, it's about 10 Kilometres site from main road of Mporokoso - Kawambwa road about 84 kilometres from Mporokoso district. The exact geographic location is latitude 9 degrees 31 minutes and longitude 29 degrees 22 minutes east. It covers a total area of 65 hectares.


Lumangwe falls is a naturally significance worth of declaration as a national monument because of having exceptional value of quality illustrating or interpreting the geological and ecological themes, it is a miniature of the Victoria falls, the same smoke that thunders and therefore the second most attractive waterfalls after the Victoria falls. Apart from simply the nature beauty found in its falling waters, Lumangwe site has abundant flora and fauna some only found in this part of Zambia.


Lumangwe falls is thirty metres in height and over a hundred metres in width, there nourish a small rainforest. It covers an area of 65 hectares and the Miombo woodland is the most prominent physiognomic unit within the vicinity of the site.


Bush pigs, water ducks, zebra, warthogs, monkeys, giant rats, pulcker.

Birds: Thom bills, fish eagles, wood pickers, honey guides and vauchers.


Swimming, Fishing, Canoeing, and Bush track walks.

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