• Umutomboko Ceremony

    The Umutomboko ceremony is held annually in Mwansabombwe district, Mwata Kazembe's headquarters on the last Saturday of July. The passionate dance of conquest perfomed by His Royal Highness Mwata Kazembe every last week of july of each year is the mirror through which the history and cultural heritage of the Lunda Kingdom is reflected.

  • Malaila Ceremony

    The Malaila Traditional Ceremony "Death of an Evil Lion" of Senior Chief Mushota. Kalobwe I is held annualy in the month of October by the Chishinga people of Kawambwa District.

  • Ubwilile Traditional Ceremony

    "Ubwiilile "means self-reliance, an annual culture ceremony of the Bwile people of Chienge District usually cerebrated every year during the first week of august.

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